Band Programme

The Bishops Band Programme began in about 2004 when the annual Inter-house Singing competition triggered a need for boys to form bands in order to enhance the overall performances.

The newly renovated John Peake Music School and the addition of a Recording Studio further spurred the development of the Band Programme as due to the new venue, boys could rehearse to their hearts content and also could record their bands. Slowly the first few bands moved in and one of the bands was asked to perform at Bishops’ tri-annual Bishops Classic POPS, giving their rendition of Guns n Roses' Sweet Child of Mine. From that point boys began to realise the excitement of playing in bands and the demand eventually became so great that boys had to be accommodated in group guitar lessons as a preparatory phase for individual lessons.

Through this programme, the Bands are exposed to a variety of genres including rock, reggae, indie and other popular styles. Bands were also offered opportunities to play in a variety of internal events, including the annual Valentine’s concert, the October Rock Bands Concert, the Inter-house Singing competition and the Experience Bishops concerts. Bands have also been invited and have involved themselves in external events and competitions, being invited by schools including Springfield, St Cyprian’s, Fish Hoek and Waldorf, as well as performing at the amphitheatre in the Waterfront. Bands have entered many competitions, such as the German School’s Battle of the Bands, taking on bands of all ages and experiences. At many of these competitions and events, the bands have shown the true calibre of training, with many second and third places, as well as a victory by Early Hours. Early Hours, System Renegade, Neon Lake, Trademark and The Awakening are a few of the bands in the programme at the moment and a significant number of bands are always being formed and preparing themselves to undertake the challenges and excitement of life in a band. Some boys involved in this have also been privileged enough to venture to the USA and undertake summer courses at Berklee, returning to share experiences with others and uplifting the standard even further. The members of the guitar department are Mike Hoole (Manager of the Programme), Jono Dose, Charles Knighton Pullen and Sarah Blake, as well as Phillip Pringle in the percussion department, and they all form a dynamic team with the aim of holding high the standards of the various genres of music.