Sound House

The SoundHouse offers students the opportunity to embrace their creative side and write their music using music loop, play-in or notation software. So too, video editing software is installed and allows boys to create their own movies and add music to existing videos or picture slide-shows.

The SoundHouse has 14 iMacs with both the Mac and Windows operating systems, offering the best software for any audio-visual or musical job. Each computer is equipped with a MIDI keyboard. Software on the machines includes:

  • Sibelius - notation and playback software
  • Logic - industry-standard sequencer
  • GarageBand (Mac) - used to create music or podcasts using loops as well as sequenced music
  • Acid Pro (Windows) - create compositions and sound-tracks with pre-recorded loops
  • Vegas / Movie Maker - easy-to-use and very powerful video editing software