Laptops - what happens when you leave Bishops

While your son is a scholar at Bishops he accesses the network each day and in doing so activates his student Windows 10 Enterprise license.

This license unfortunately will expire when he leaves the College.

He will therefore need to install his own version of Windows Home (purchased with the machine).

We highly recommend doing a full back up of all data prior to reinstallation.

Please note that other software for example, Office 365 applications, that you have utilised here at school, will also no longer be available. This will include your anti-virus software.

DELL machines

Your supplier will happily assist should you have any questions regarding the reinstallation of the operating system.

A summary document containing instructions on how to reinstall and activate the operating system has been provided by iSquared.

Apple Machines

During your time at Bishops you are required to work on a Windows partition on your Apple Mac. You may, on leaving Bishops, want to remove this partition from your laptop. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.