Process for purchasing laptops

Each year a committee of parent and school representatives choose a preferred supplier and machine for the parents to purchase. Bishops invites parents to participate in this selection process so that we can mutually benefit from each other’s expertise, experience and opinion. To volunteer to serve on the committee and participate in this process, please email The prescribed machine is not sold by the school but by an independent supplier(s) (chosen by the committee). The details are normally announced in May/June each year.

Kindly click on the decision tree link to understand the selection process.



May I purchase a laptop through my company?

Please remember that the South African Income Tax Act requires that a company may only claim VAT for individuals employed by the company. Minimum age for employment in South Africa is 16.

Apple purchases require proof of the academic institution because their offer attracts an educational discount that must be directly linked to a scholar.

May I purchase the recommended machine via my own supplier?

No. From 2016, it is no longer possible to buy anything but a prescribed machine from a prescribed supplier, simply because of the additional overhead of managing and supporting these machines.. The parent laptop committee ensures that favourable pricing and service levels are procured.

Your support ensures the ability to secure a comprehensive service agreement from the bulk supplier.

May I purchase a non-recommended machine via my own supplier?

No. This is a Bishops College Council decision that has been clearly communicated to all parents. One problem laptop can disrupt an entire class and compromise the classroom experience for the boys and teachers. In exceptional circumstances, e.g. disability, deviations from the model of prescribed machine will be handled on a case by case basis.

May I purchase an Apple from anywhere other than Digicape?

No. Digicape are our preferred supplier because they offer the best academic support service for Apple in Cape Town. They offer preferential turn around on repairs and loan units. Their pricing includes the prescribed Windows setup and the prescribed 5 Yr warranties.

What is the consequence if I do not participate in the bulk order?

The bulk order allows the selected suppliers to benefit from the scale of the order size and therefore pass the savings on to parents. If parents do not participate in the bulk order process they will still be required to purchase a selected machine through a selected supplier but it is likely that this will be significantly more expensive that what has been negotiated for bulk order participants.